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My name is Fergal and I have suffered from gout, on and off, for many years. I work in the health a fitness industry so having to deal with gout attacks was potentially going to destroy my career. After trying all the medications that doctors could prescribe to me I decided to try to find a natural cure for this terrible infliction. After a lot of research and plenty of trial and error I found the answer to all my problems.

I have decided to put together this FREE 8 page guide to teach others the methods that cured me from gout forever. This guide is 100% FREE and you will receive it immediately by signing up below.

  • Everyone that suffers from gout knows that the foods you eat play a massive part in how and when your gout attacks happen. I have documented a full list of HIGH PURINE FOODS – MODERATE PURINE FOODS – LOW PURINE FOODS,  so that no matter where or when you are eating you always know the purine content of the meal. The purines foods are big causes of gout and should be avoided.
  • I teach you about the importance of antioxidants and tell you why vitmain C is considered a super supplement for curing gout.
  • What do the doctors say? I have “been there and done that” when it comes to the doctors. I tell you about the medications they prescribe, what their side effects are, how much they will cost you and what positive effects they can have on your gout…if any.
  • I will tell you how 2 simple drinks per day can lower your risk of getting gout by 60%


Dear Fergal,

Thank you so much for your causes of gout eBook.
Actually, I practiced the method of taking water in great amount
plus the two other drinks you mentioned ………..and I got healed
in just 3 days (Of course, I prayed to the Lord too!!!)

I used to take vitamin C for the past 10-15 yrs and it has help me
as well.
Kind regards

Hi Fergal,

Thanks for your concern & kind sharing.  

You are right, high dosage of Vit C do help. In end 2008, I was taking lot of lime juice daily & blood diagnosis were showing very low uric acid level.

And I am not taking the pain killer medications because I am aware of the side effects. I will keep working on your methods as I can feel them making a difference.

Thank you.



Hi Fergal,
Yes, I’ve been taking about 2000 mg of Vitamin C packets.  Also, I have had cups of black bean broth….This time the gout got my ankle on the left foot…..No walking on that foot……These eipisodes of pain have made me a believer in watching what I put in my mouth…..
Thanks for any help……This bout has lasted about 5 days…..I am walking again somewhat.  Guess I have to give up wine…Red meat……….etc………….